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Food Hugs

18 Feb

There is something marvellously assuring about the everyday dishes we’ve had since our childhood. The simple flavours of hing and jeera in the daal, the ghee melting on the rotis, luchi with shada aloo chocchori, day old theplas dunked in masala chai, aloo posto, daal dhokli… the list goes on!

Today, a foodie in an Indian city has Thai, Italian, Japanese, Lebanese  order-in flyers stuck to the fridge magnet; along with the Chinese and the pizzas of course. We are also opening up to African and French flavours. The choice is as large (perhaps as small) as the world itself!

However, after weeks of trying out this and checking out that, nothing gives me more pleasure than kadhi chawal or bhaate-bhaat. I cook pasta and salads regularly. But parathas made of left-overs with some pickle, the flavours of garlic and ghee in the daal are instant mood lifters!

These dishes also assure me that no matter what, some things in life are constant, like hugs!


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