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Pink, Red and Yellow

1 Dec

A playful wink, some glances stolen.

The sassy, the saucy

The yuppie, the hippie

Brazen charm and sophistication.

The serenading nod, a glint in the eyes.

The bashful, the blushes.

The rushes.

And gushes.

A lean, a pull forward.

Little tug.

That crooked smile, that wry humour.

Calming heat.


The unsure words.

A complete walk over.

Little confessions, deep desires.

Charm…where are you?


What Do I Know for Sure?

6 Jan

“What do you know for sure?” is a question that even caught Oprah looking for words! She did think about it and came up with her list later. But while i was reading the article, i started questioning myself…what do i know for sure? I kept thinking for weeks and finally came up with a few things that my almost 32 years in this world conformed. Of course, this is one of those lists that will have an inclusion every now and then! Here goes…

  • There is always a SIGN – loud, subtle, obvious, elusive…we just need to learn how to decipher them
  • As we grow older, we imbibe certain traits from our parents…those which we always criticised
  • There is a wide ocean of possibilities beyond romantic love
  • Little flirting and admiring are good for the heart
  • Women now in their sixties are much more layered and modern than the ones in the twenties and thirties
  • PMS can cause havoc. It must be handled with care
  • Seniors can be wonderful companions if we do not limit them with the ‘auntie’ and ‘uncle’ tags
  • Prayers are powerful
  • Sitting side-by-side is often more fruitful than being face-to-face
  • We can be of any age at any given time
  • Snobbery can be a virtue
  • It is important to reach out. Your friends might just think they shouldn’t interfere
  • Sibling bonds can be thicker than blood
  • We are capable of changing over-night
  • The touch of a baby’s hand on your face can change you forever
  • There are relationships that go beyond labels and name tags
  • Women can bond by an exchange of glances
  • If food doesn’t make you happy, nothing can
  • Hugs can heal everything…hot chocolate comes a close second
  • Yes, you can be blank
  • Colours can over-power your emotions
  • Men need mothers who don’t mother all their lives
  • Every month of the year has an emotional flavour
  • No one can really be cute-proof

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