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Food Hugs

18 Feb

There is something marvellously assuring about the everyday dishes we’ve had since our childhood. The simple flavours of hing and jeera in the daal, the ghee melting on the rotis, luchi with shada aloo chocchori, day old theplas dunked in masala chai, aloo posto, daal dhokli… the list goes on!

Today, a foodie in an Indian city has Thai, Italian, Japanese, Lebanese  order-in flyers stuck to the fridge magnet; along with the Chinese and the pizzas of course. We are also opening up to African and French flavours. The choice is as large (perhaps as small) as the world itself!

However, after weeks of trying out this and checking out that, nothing gives me more pleasure than kadhi chawal or bhaate-bhaat. I cook pasta and salads regularly. But parathas made of left-overs with some pickle, the flavours of garlic and ghee in the daal are instant mood lifters!

These dishes also assure me that no matter what, some things in life are constant, like hugs!


Mamma Goes Shopping

29 Jan

I loved to see Mamma shop today. Shop for more bags, shop for cushion covers, shawls; basically shop for vanity. It was such a pleasure to see her less worried about the price tags. She increased the upper limit, much to my surprise!

She always managed money well, still does (true blue Gujarati!). All my life I have seen her staying away from frills. She had to think about us, our studies, stuff we needed at school, our birthdays, our Puja clothes, things around the house.

She waited for arrears and bonuses which she spent on herself. She planned and planned and planned. The best part about her was that she did everything without being selfless.

She taught me how to do it all and still paint my nails.

Her to-do list has been ticked off. She goes to the movies. She socialises. She looks more beautiful than ever.

She maintains a wish-list now. She keeps adding stuff like holiday destinations, diamonds, sarees, crockery, bags.

Last evening she ticked off red bag, purple clutch, Kashmiri stole.


25 Jan

Buzzing tv
Alarm clocks
Yellow dog-ears
Round edged photos
Black Ballerinas
Dusty post-its
Brown paper
Coloured paper
Pencil shavings
Band aid
Rivets and ribbons
Porcelain cracks
Calendar marks
Plastic shuttlecock
Glued doll dresses
Paint brushes
Car paint
Rainbow puddles
Steel plates
Warm hearts


18 Jan

I am not what you wanted me to be. I didn’t grow up with your values. I didn’t do the things you wanted me to do. I don’t lead the life you dreamt for me. I don’t fit in any picture you painted for me. I burst every thought bubble you had when you were soothing me, putting me to sleep, nursing my wounds, feeding me, watching me sleep. I burst all of them. Ruthlessly.
But I am you. All you.
As strong as you are.
Independent. Individualistic.
Just like you.
And as I grow older, I love you more and more.
Love you Mamma. Love you Papa.
Thank you for being you.

Aside 15 Jan

apne dard main khud chunti hoon.

bakayeda, rang roop dekhke.

dard main khairat mein nahi leti



My Cookie

4 Dec

My Cookie

Wondrous eyes, softest touches, beautiful hugs, melting smiles…

She came into my world and changed it forever. All fell into perspective, missing pieces were found.

She touched my hair. She tilted her head and smiled. And what a smile! It was the biggest compliment of my life.

Thank you Diya. Thank you Arindam.

My girl makes me beautiful.

Pink, Red and Yellow

1 Dec

A playful wink, some glances stolen.

The sassy, the saucy

The yuppie, the hippie

Brazen charm and sophistication.

The serenading nod, a glint in the eyes.

The bashful, the blushes.

The rushes.

And gushes.

A lean, a pull forward.

Little tug.

That crooked smile, that wry humour.

Calming heat.


The unsure words.

A complete walk over.

Little confessions, deep desires.

Charm…where are you?

What Do I Know for Sure?

6 Jan

“What do you know for sure?” is a question that even caught Oprah looking for words! She did think about it and came up with her list later. But while i was reading the article, i started questioning myself…what do i know for sure? I kept thinking for weeks and finally came up with a few things that my almost 32 years in this world conformed. Of course, this is one of those lists that will have an inclusion every now and then! Here goes…

  • There is always a SIGN – loud, subtle, obvious, elusive…we just need to learn how to decipher them
  • As we grow older, we imbibe certain traits from our parents…those which we always criticised
  • There is a wide ocean of possibilities beyond romantic love
  • Little flirting and admiring are good for the heart
  • Women now in their sixties are much more layered and modern than the ones in the twenties and thirties
  • PMS can cause havoc. It must be handled with care
  • Seniors can be wonderful companions if we do not limit them with the ‘auntie’ and ‘uncle’ tags
  • Prayers are powerful
  • Sitting side-by-side is often more fruitful than being face-to-face
  • We can be of any age at any given time
  • Snobbery can be a virtue
  • It is important to reach out. Your friends might just think they shouldn’t interfere
  • Sibling bonds can be thicker than blood
  • We are capable of changing over-night
  • The touch of a baby’s hand on your face can change you forever
  • There are relationships that go beyond labels and name tags
  • Women can bond by an exchange of glances
  • If food doesn’t make you happy, nothing can
  • Hugs can heal everything…hot chocolate comes a close second
  • Yes, you can be blank
  • Colours can over-power your emotions
  • Men need mothers who don’t mother all their lives
  • Every month of the year has an emotional flavour
  • No one can really be cute-proof

Calcutta Winter

16 Dec

Golden sun

Foggy mornings

Lotion splurges

Raspberry lip balm

Cozy woollies

Orange peels

Comforting quilts

Christmas decorations

A little more glitter

Fairy lights

Red pashmina

Black cashmere


More wine

Plum cakes

And some more wine

A whiff of the Raj

Carol memories

Santa checklist

Christmas miracle

Oh! Calcutta

Beautiful Calcutta!!!

Miranda Magic

12 Dec

MM, they just don’t make them like you anymore…

I remember his cartoons on Femina, years ago…any adjective will be left wanting to describe how brilliant he was!! And yes, no one can make fat women look so good!! Loved his work, unforgettable!
Mario Miranda, RIP
These creations force us to celebrate the present, celebrate our craziness, habits, ethnicity…just the way we are!
Here’s to us…CHEERS!!


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