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Mamma Goes Shopping

29 Jan

I loved to see Mamma shop today. Shop for more bags, shop for cushion covers, shawls; basically shop for vanity. It was such a pleasure to see her less worried about the price tags. She increased the upper limit, much to my surprise!

She always managed money well, still does (true blue Gujarati!). All my life I have seen her staying away from frills. She had to think about us, our studies, stuff we needed at school, our birthdays, our Puja clothes, things around the house.

She waited for arrears and bonuses which she spent on herself. She planned and planned and planned. The best part about her was that she did everything without being selfless.

She taught me how to do it all and still paint my nails.

Her to-do list has been ticked off. She goes to the movies. She socialises. She looks more beautiful than ever.

She maintains a wish-list now. She keeps adding stuff like holiday destinations, diamonds, sarees, crockery, bags.

Last evening she ticked off red bag, purple clutch, Kashmiri stole.



25 Jan

Buzzing tv
Alarm clocks
Yellow dog-ears
Round edged photos
Black Ballerinas
Dusty post-its
Brown paper
Coloured paper
Pencil shavings
Band aid
Rivets and ribbons
Porcelain cracks
Calendar marks
Plastic shuttlecock
Glued doll dresses
Paint brushes
Car paint
Rainbow puddles
Steel plates
Warm hearts


18 Jan

I am not what you wanted me to be. I didn’t grow up with your values. I didn’t do the things you wanted me to do. I don’t lead the life you dreamt for me. I don’t fit in any picture you painted for me. I burst every thought bubble you had when you were soothing me, putting me to sleep, nursing my wounds, feeding me, watching me sleep. I burst all of them. Ruthlessly.
But I am you. All you.
As strong as you are.
Independent. Individualistic.
Just like you.
And as I grow older, I love you more and more.
Love you Mamma. Love you Papa.
Thank you for being you.

Aside 15 Jan

apne dard main khud chunti hoon.

bakayeda, rang roop dekhke.

dard main khairat mein nahi leti



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